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Meet the pillow of your dreams

Adjustable Pillows for the Sleep You Deserve

A good night’s sleep goes beyond the next morning. We spent over a year researching, testing, and designing the Henrie pillow to adapt to any kind of sleeper’s dream slumber. Know that rest is today's reward and tomorrow’s investment.

Our Story


Because One Size Never Really Fits All

A pillow that’s too full or too flat can impact your quality of sleep. With Henrie, find your perfect fit and adjust it anytime. Be a side sleeper tonight and a back sleeper tomorrow, without changing pillows.


Feel Good About What’s In Your Pillow

You spend a third of your life on your pillow, so you should know what it's made of. Every material in Henrie has been carefully chosen with people and planet in mind.


Ready For A Long-term Commitment

No one wants to stack or replace their pillow after just a few months. Designed to stay clean and plump for the long run—Henrie is built to last.

Luxury for Every Night

We believe that you can get your best sleep every night. When you’ve had your best sleep, you can be your best self. Sleep well, feel good. That's Henrie.

Meet the Henrie Pillow

"Prior to getting a Henrie I had gone through countless pillows that have lost their shape, were firm but never seemed to relax, or just poorly made and not in it for the long-haul. Since getting the Henrie I have never slept better, neck pain who? Not me."

- Vicki Duong

"The Henrie pillow is an adjustable, supportive pillow that makes it a win for all sleeping positions."

- Mattress Clarity


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