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Pricy but worth it

I'm in my forties and feel like I've been on a never-ending quest to find the right pillow. This is honestly the best one I've found and the adjustability is a big plus for me. Also love supporting a Canadian business.

Perfect Christmas gift

Got this for my sister for Christmas and it was a hit! She said she's been loving the first few nights so far. Shipping was a lot faster than expected.

I’ve never felt a pillow like this…..

I’ve been sleeping on a Mypillow for years and I thought that was an a decent pillow until it went flat.

I can’t describe what this pillow feels like. It is nice and dense, yet not too firm. It has the perfect give to perfectly cradle head and neck. I’m a side sleeper and only needed to take out a few handfuls of fill.
I’m in love with this pillow and will be purchasing another one, as I will need one for my camping trailer this summer.

what a cloud sleeps on

we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

why wouldn't you spend each moment of that with your head on the most comfortable pillow you can find? It's better than sleeping on a cloud, it's what a cloud sleeps on!

I love that not only you can adjust this pillow to suit your need, but also save the left-over Kapok for if you ever wish to re-invigorate the pillow over time. I switched from a fatigued/worn-out Casper pillow that I had no option but to throw away and replace, which isn't nice for the the planet.

plus you can sleep easy, knowing henrie was developed using the highest quality & most sustainable materials I've ever seen in a pillow.

Love it

It's soft and I like the fact that it's adjustable. I feel comfortable sleeping with it!

Great gift

I was struggling to find the perfect gift for my sister-in-law who has everything. I wanted something that she would actually use, and she's a busy mom of three who can always use some good sleep. She absolutely loved it, so mission accomplished!

Luxury Sleep

Having a mild scoliosis makes it harder for me to sleep in a comfortable position. When I started to use Henrie pillow, I now have a better sleep routine. The pillow fits my head perfectly and also provide good support on my neck.

good sleep

only been a few nights but loving it so far. most pillows are too flat for me but this one has some oomf to it. will keep adjusting a bit more.

Perfect Cosy

I adore our Henrietta pillow! It is a extremely comfortable and I love the ability to customize the fill (I even had left over fill to stuff a throw pillow!!). They fluff up really nicely which looks so lovely.

Sleeping through the night

I'm someone who tends to wake up several times during the night so I never feel like I have a good sleep. It's only been a week so far, but I find I'm not waking up as much during the night and not constantly needing to readjust my pillow to get comfortable. Hoping it continues this way.

Incredible Slumber

I’ve been searching for a pillow that allows me to decide how much filling is in it. This Henrie pillow allows me to do this, I’ve been using the same pillow for so many years and have never been able to find anything similar. The past 2 nights, since receiving the Henrie have been the best sleep I’ve had in years. Thank you so much.

Better sleep than ever before.

After I got my pillow adjusted, it fit me perfectly. Adjusting is easy and it didn’t take me long to get a good fit. Feeling refreshed and consistently more comfortable than my previous pillows!

My new pillow

I slept on a down pillow for years and I much prefer this. It did seem huge when I first opened it so it took me a couple of weeks to get the sizing right.

Super comfy

Love that it's adjustable. I've always struggled to find a pillow that feels right for me.


I didn't realize how flat my old pillows were and I'm embarrassed to say how long I had them for. Definitely happy with my decision!

Sleeping on a cloud

Absolutely love this pillow. It's firmness is adjustable, which is really cool, but I actually find it perfect just the way it is! I prefer it over my Casper pillow, TBH.

Love it so far

It's great. I think it's really awesome feels really good. It's cool to have the Lil stuffing on the side so if I ever want more that's good.

Good for side sleepers like me

I'm a side sleeper so pillow size is important to me. I usually find that they're either too high or too flat so I wanted to try an adjustable one. It took me a few nights to get the sizing right, but I kept taking the filling out until I got it. I like that it comes with a bag to keep the extra stuffing.


Bought this for myself but my husband stole it so we ordered another one!


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